Click here to see my SPFXmasks Inbred costume!
Matt Lukesh at Seppuku Tattoo in NJ does the BEST Horror Tattoos in NJ

This is my Foam Filled Latex mask from mask maker Jon Fuller. It's called Cuddles.

Here is my Stan Winston Jurassic Park T-Rex resin bust. Peter Murphy did an absolutely amazing job on this piece.

Jeff Camp absolutely killed this piece. Another Stan Winston mold. The red eye lights up with a toggle switch in the back which is pretty sweet.

Here are my Dead Guy latex masks from professional mask maker Peter Murphy
He made one for me in each different stage of deadness.

This is my Leatherface Texas Chainsaw Massacre costume. It's a Headskinner 4.0 by Bob at Mask Murderers,
plus a leather apron and armbands from Clint, a Kemper face from Mark Goodson
and painted by Erick Lubatti, ribs and necklace body parts
bought from Specter Studios.

Infected by Diety Creations. Nice heavy lump of latex - cool paintjob

This is a latex Mutant mask by Juston Mabry.
This version is a deluxe with extra bruising
and other nice special details.

Haggard Hank by Justin Mabry of NightOwl

Pussbucket by Jeremy Bohr

Here we have Ebola Bro, which was made by Lee Romaire in 2006.
I believe he only made three of them.
One of my nastier masks for sure. Latex with Foam Filling.

This was my EC Zombie from Justin Mabry at NightOwl.
I just traded him for a Jeremy Bohr Pusshead mask.

Here is a Jon Fuller foam filled latex mask.
Jon made two versions of this alien, this one is really huge!
I forget who painted this one, but he put an otherworld
light reflecting paint on it. I love it.

JACK from American Werewolf in London. Resin bust by Howard Sneft and painted by Peter Murphy

My Freddie Kruegar Silicone mask from SPFX Masks - The Original Silicone Halloween Mask Makers
The pictures speak for themselves, this is one bad ass silicone mask.

I sold my lighter Freddie version above and bought a darker one. This is me at Chiller Theatre 2007 in Parsippany NJ.

Back in costume again...this time in March 2008 at Chiller Convention. I'm wearing the Inbred Mask from - this time I've got the custom silicone SPFXmasks arms/sleeves.

My holy grail of masks/busts. This is a Howard Sneft resin Frankens tein bust.
Masterfully painted by Jeff Camp. It appears in this magazine June 2007
Only two were made, a third one is in the works according to Jeff Camp

This is a master version of the Crypt Creeper by Jeremy Bohr.
I bought this along with two plaster molds, one day I will spit out some latex masks.

Foam latex mask called Demon by Scarecrow, a California based company that stopped making these masks.
These were the first masks I started really collecting.
At the time I thought $120 for a mask was a lot.
The hands were $60 and they are Foam latex as well.
They stopped making them before they stopped the masks.

Scarecrow foam latex mask, a burned guy. I just looked at this fucking mask and it ripped.
Foam latex sucks, very easy to rip. :(

Devil foam latex mask from Scarecrow. I love this mask, looks great when worn.

Werewolf foam latex mask by Scarecrow.
Bad pics - looks much better in person, the flash didn't help either.

My first old man mask from Scarecrow. Foam latex as well. My SPFX old man mask makes him look silly

Dead guy latex mask from Justin Mabry of NightOwl.
This one is bad ass. Deluxe version with great veining.
I also own a standard dead guy, and this deluxe one
is way better looking - definately was worth paying Justin the extra money.

Dead Alive zombie mask here from DarkSide Studios.
This looks better in person as well.
My friend wore this in Times Square and it got almost as good of a reaction as my SPFX Zombie mask!

This nasty zombie is called Steve. Very thick latex mask made by Peter Murphy.

This isn't a mask. Actually it's real. Killing is my business...and business is good!

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